Dj Johnny Dill rocking his MAXWELL armbands at Burning Man

Dj Johnny Dill rocking his MAXWELL armbands at Burning Man!

Who wears MAXWELL anyways?…..well a full range of creative ,fun loving people-that’s who!!! I love the way that it gets incorporated into peoples’ different lifestyles and becomes a part of who they are and their message…never a dull moment!!


Jack and Loana

Jack and Loana

In stark contrast are people like Jack and Loana, a loving couple that met in their 70’s and are enjoying a “happily ever after” time in thier lives. At first Loana was reluctant and shy to try my pieces on…when she put the “MERMAID” gown on and looked in the mirror she lit up like a young girl seeing a Faery Princess and started dancing around the room!!


Jack & Loana with buffalo

Jack & Loana with Buffalo

Jack was not as shy..and he loved watching Loana in her translucent gown! He was eager to put on the “REMNANT” shirt especially when I pulled out the red bandana-he said “I know EXACTLY what to do with that!! 😉

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